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Featured Client

Name: Nico

Breed: Cavachon

Age: 1

Proud Parents: Michele Straub

Favorite Canine Concierge service: Mid-day walks

Background: A friend our ours had a Cavachon and we absolutely fell in love with him. That started dog conversation. One day my husband tells me to get the breeders information. I thought he was crazy. That night our daughter selected him immediately from a few pictures of available puppies. Next thing I know we were getting a dog.

Favorite foods: He is VERY picky. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say he wouldn’t normally turn down some peanut butter or a sweet potato treat. Used to love frozen blueberries.

Favorite activities: Playing with his father every day. (His human father 🙂) and getting dressed up!

Favorite toy: His Lambie and a dog stuffed animal he has had since we brought him home.

Favorite place to visit: Loves to go on walks!

Dislikes: Dislikes driving in the car when the wipers are on.

Best traits: So happy and loving. Just a sweet, sweet boy.

Funniest moment: It’s always so funny to see him carry things around that are so much bigger than him. Whether it’s a huge stick he wants to walk around with or if it’s a giant toy he carries from room to room. He is always so proud of himself. He prances around and hops when he runs. Adorable!

How has your pet made your life better: I really couldn’t adequately describe every way in which he has improved our lives. As a family, we spend more time in the same room because we all want to be where he is. We never thought we would ever get a dog and now can’t imagine life without Nico. It’s the best decision we ever made. He brings joy and happiness to all of us. A great little fur brother and completely awesome fur baby. He is always so happy to see us even if we just leave the house for a moment. We absolutely adore him.


Featured Adoptable Cat

Name: Cider and Blackjack

This dynamic duo was found in the powder mill section of Parsippany and are so deserving of a loving home. They were being fostered by Canine Concierge founder and owner Lauren herself! Their adoption fees have been sponsored and have recently been cleared for adoption after being neutered.

They are bonded brothers! Cider, the handsome tabby, is very spunky and playful; for sure the alpha. Blackjack, the dashing tuxedo, is more shy and quiet but also very playful. Cider is a purr machine where as Blackjack makes you work for those purrs!

They love affection and to be held and do well in a home with children! They would love to be able to find a home together as they have already through so much together.


Please visit Parsippany Animal Shelter or call (973) 263-7083 to fill out an application for Cider and Blackjack!

Coat Length: Short

House Trained: Yes

Health: Up-to-date vaccinations/neutered

Good in a home with children

*All cats are spayed/neutered, tested negative, dewormed and vaccinated
*Adoption fees apply

If you are interested in adopting Cider and Blackjack, please fill out an application.


Featured Adoptable Dog

Name: Johnny

Meet Johnny! He is a 1-year-old Black Lab puppy ready to find his forever home! He is an easygoing dog who LOVES to cuddle anytime and anywhere. He wants everyone he meets to hold him and give him lots of pets. In return, he will cover your face in kisses to show how much he loves you!

While he is still a puppy, he is not rambunctious but enjoys a good romp in the yard.

A note from Johnny’s foster mom:

“Johnny is one of the sweetest foster puppies we have ever had! All he wants is for you to love him. Whenever you sit down, he is ready to curl up on your lap. He will usually rest his head on my chest or shoulder. He typically lays in his dog bed or on the couch when he is not playing outdoors or with his toys. He loves tennis balls and squeaky toys! He always aims to please and is a great listener.”

Johnny mastered all his basic commands and knows “sit”, “paw”, “down”, “come” and “crate”. He is very food motivated and eager to learn. He sleeps through the night in his crate and is doing great with his potty training! Johnny walks great on a leash and enjoys going on walks! He would do wonderfully in a home with another dog and can also live with children 16+.

If you’re looking for a loving, sweet puppy, adopt Johnny!

If you are interested in adopting Johnny, please fill out an application on our website: www.wiseanimalrescue.org/adoption-application


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