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Name: Jasmine

Age: 16

Breed: Maine coon

Proud Parents: Tom A

Favorite Canine Concierge service: Jasmine loves being pampered by her Canine Concierge friends when I’m on vacation.  She greets them at the door demanding her food and loves being petted and brushed.

Background: Jasmine has lived with me since she was 10 weeks old. She lived with her Maine Coon sister Layla until Layla passed away last year. Jasmine will live out her days as an only cat so she has all of my attention.

Favorite foods: Jasmine loves her Fancy Feast and meows loudly if breakfast or dinner are late. 

Favorite activities: Jasmine is 16 so her favorite activity is lounging

Favorite toy: she likes her I’m Kind of a Big Dill catnip pickle toy

Favorite place to visit: Jasmine likes being a home body

Dislikes: she gets a monthly injection for her arthritis so she hates having to go to the vet

Best Trait: she’s always ready to hang out with me on the couch at the end of the day

Funniest moment: when she was younger she’d get a salmon treat every night. I’d toss them over her head and she’d skid on the hardwood floor to chase after them

How has your pet made your life better: I live alone so she is my friend and companion. She doesn’t ask for much but gives a lot of love in return.

Featured Adoptable Cat

Star & Olive 

Star and Olive had a really awful life before coming to their current foster home. They were both “rescued” from a horrendous hoarding situation, where they lived in filth, only to be kept in cages from from June 2021 to last month. All they both knew of the world was confinement and loneliness. They’re both still learning to trust but are loving being free in a home environment and just doing regular cat things. Star is more outgoing and curious, while Olive is more reserved, but their personalities will undoubtedly blossom over time. They have both come so far in the past month with their new foster family.

These girls can be adopted as a pair or separately. Both Star and Olive are estimated to be around 6-7 years old, are spayed, FIV/FeLV neg, and vaccinated.

If you are interested in adopting one of bot of thsese sweet girls, please fill out the form here and someone will be in touch: http://gratefulpawsnj.com/adopt

Featured Adoptable Dogs

Name: Mr Smee

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Weight: Approx 18 lbs

Age: Approx 9 years old

Home recommendation: Mr Smee’s ideal home is one where he can get all of the
love and attention he did not receive living in a cage his entire life. He really likes the
company of other animals and would do best in a home with another relaxed dog
and/or cat!

Personality: Mr Smee’s foster mom says “He is very sweet and very shy.” Mr Smee
will initially be a bit nervous around you but friendly. Once he warms up, he is happy
to accept pets and likes to be carried up and down the stairs. He loves playing with
his doggy foster sibling and lounging on the couch with his kitty foster sibling!

Kids: 13+ due to advanced age and smaller size

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes, check his pictures out to see him with his best kitty friend!

Crate Trained: Yes! He sleeps in a crate

House Trained: Working on it! He gets restless to tell his foster mom when he has to
go out

Why did he come to WISE? Mr Smee was rescued from a horrible puppy mill
situation where he was used for breeding most of his life. When he was determined
“unfit” to be used in their “breeding program” they were going to euthanize him.
WISE wasn’t going to let that happen and saved this cute guy!




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