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Featured Client

Name: Tucker

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Tabby

Proud Parents: Barbara, Kara, Jeff

Favorite Canine Concierge service: Pet Sitting when you travel or are away for the day, Cat Sitting

Background: St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter, Morristown, NJ. Tucker’s mom was a stray that was taken in by the shelter. Tucker was born in the shelter (which is why we believe she is so people friendly). Tucker was one of a litter of seven. Unfortunately, after the litter received their first set of vaccinations, they all had an anaphylactic response. Tucker and only one other sibling survived. As a result, Tucker is an indoor cat only and we constantly monitor what she eats in the event she has another reaction.

Favorite foods: Fancy Feast sliced chicken in gravy with rice

Favorite activities: Play in her tunnel and play “boxing” with us

Favorite toy: Her laser toy

Favorite place to visit: Her cat tree (which overlooks our lake). She especially likes it when the window is open.

Dislikes: Any loud noises

Best Trait: Her gentleness (she does not bite or scratch – other than play time and even then she does not take her claws out, nor does she bite down). and she LOVES to cuddle

Funniest moment: Putting a NJ Devils shirt on her. She didn’t know what to do, so she “slithered” around the floor instead of walking.

How has your pet made your life better: Tucker has brought us so much love. She makes us smile with her “talking” and cuddles. She’s just a joy to have as part of our family

Featured Adoptable Pet

Name: Pudgy

Pudgy likes to think of life as a buffet, so please don’t free-feed him! This rotund Romeo is very easy-going and gets along well with most other cats. He’s very snuggly and easy to handle. His favorite activities are looking out the window and of course, enjoying a treat or two. Pudgy know his name and will come to you when you call him, but having a treat on hand will increase the chances that he will listen. Pudgy was given up by his first owner so he is really hoping that his next home will be his last. This sweet boy has a lot of love to give!
Pudgy is neutered, vaccinated and FIV/FeLV negative.

If you are interested in Pudgy, submit an application via the following link www.wiseanimalrescue.org/adoption-application



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Coat Length: Short

House Trained: No


Featured Adoptable Dog

Name: Jordan
Breed: Havanese
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years old
Personality: Jordan’s foster says that he is nervous at first but once he warms up he is very sweet and gentle! He doesn’t really get into a lot of mischief and loves to nap. Jordan would love to Netflix and chill with you! He does have little spurts of energy throughout the day where he likes to play but is very calm and doesn’t need a lot of exercise to stay occupied. He is a great companion!
Home recommendation: Jordan has had a rough start to his life after being used over and over to breed puppies for a mill. He is learning how to be a dog and needs a patient, loving home. He would do best in a quiet home where someone is home more often than not to spoil him with love and affection!
Kids: 13+
Dogs: Yes!
Cats: Unknown, we only cat-test for approved adopters.
Crate Trained: Working on it 
House Trained: Working on it
Training: Jordan needs a family ready to work on confidence building with him.
Why did he come to WISE?: Jordan’s “breeders” were done using him over and over again to produce puppies and he was set to be euthanized. WISE wasn’t going to let that happen and took him into our program.


If you are interested in adopting Jordan, please fill out an application on our website: www.wiseanimalrescue.org/adoption-application


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