Congratulations! You just welcomed a new pet into your family! This is arguably the best time to do just that. Your family is home and you might be working from home. Therefore, you have a lot of time to enjoy your newest family member. A furry addition to your family makes life happier. Nothing brings more smiles! Enjoy!

But wait…there’s a catch. There will come a time when you may return to the office. Also, the kids will return to school and after-school activities. Best yet, you will be able to travel and vacation again! Although we do not know the exact date, month, season…or even year, we know that now may be the best time to hire a pet sitting company. Why now? Here are our top five reasons why you should start interviewing pet sitting companies now, before the back-to-work, back-to-school, travel-ban-eased, rush back to normalcy.

1. Take your time to find the perfect pet sitting company.

While you have some extra time on your hands, you can begin your search for the perfect company. First, you might try a basic google search to see which company has the best reviews or matches your needs. Then, reach out to local Facebook groups to see which companies come highly recommended within your community. Ask your local vet, your groomer, or your local pet store workers for recommendations. Don’t wait to be in a time crunch. Canine Concierge offers no-cost consultations via Zoom! Click here to start the process!

2. High demand, low supply.

Once the pandemic restrictions lift, many of the most sought-out pet sitting companies will book up, as they did pre-pandemic. In the past, waitlists were not uncommon. Once traveling becomes the norm, expect to see the return of the waitlist. Unfortunately, many pet sitting companies are closed and are unsure if and when they will re-open. The industry is primed to rebound. However, in the short-term, demand will certainly outweigh the supply of experienced sitters.

3. A perfect opportunity to get your pet primed for a sitter.

Now is the perfect time to accustom your pet to someone from outside the family caring for him or her. Arrange an occasional visit or walk for your dog with their new sitter. Bring them to daycare once a week to get them used to a new location and new friends. You will alleviate a lot of fear and stress in their (and your) future by easing them into this new lifestyle. Canine Concierge offers daycare options to help socialize your dog and help them adjust to a new setting. Separation anxiety will be something to look out for when we return to pre-pandemic life. Pet sitting companies can help!

4. Tap into the resources of a pet sitting company.

A pet sitter can be a wonderful resource for all things pet-related! Pet sitters often hear stories of amazing vets, groomers, suppliers, and products! Plus, they get to see first-hand what the most popular choices are among discerning pet families. A pet sitter can recommend the best vet, groomer, trainer, and local pet store. They can also help you choose the best food brands, harnesses, leashes, litter, toys, and treats! Would your dog benefit from a trainer? Ask for your sitter’s honest opinion. They will be able to tell you based on years of experience whether your dog’s behavior is of concern or if they are just being a playful pup.

5. Support a local small business.

The pandemic is taking a major toll on the service industry. Have you had your eye on a pet sitting company? Even if you aren’t ready to use their services yet, sign up with them now. Your confidence will be a positive indicator to them that business will soon rebound. That small step you take may be enough to keep a business from deciding to prematurely shutter.

Take this time to enjoy your newest family member. One day, we will look back upon this time and be grateful for the little, peaceful moments and even the full-on chaos! In these unprecedented times, we are here to assist with all of your pet care needs. From online consultations to contact-free pet visits, our sitters are ready to help! Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation or phone chat today!