With the recent celebration of the re-opening of beaches along the east coast many start to whip out the bathing suits, sunblock and vacation plans! With summer on the horizon, the desire for beach trips is full bloom. But that creates a big question mark of where that leaves your beloved pet.

Local animal businesses like Canine Concierge are at your service if you need that “home away from home” or at-home care for your pet while you are away. In case, however, you want to include your four-legged family member in your getaway keep reading to find out where you can make that possible!


“…allow your pup to partake in summer festivities alongside you.”


A perk of living in New Jersey, besides Taylor ham and full-service gas stations, is the accessibility to the ocean and its sandy beaches. With the numerous beaches that line our coast, you could go anywhere and find a cool boardwalk, local shops, attractions, and a long shore of warm sand outlining the Atlantic ocean. One of the more difficult things to find however is a dog-friendly beach.

Off-season almost all beaches allow dogs to roam and even enjoy the fresh water; a few are more strict and don’t allow any animal on its shores. And then there are those that do allow your pup to partake in summer festivities alongside you.


Wildwood Dog Beach: Wildwood, NJ


This beach is distinguished by its 30 foot fire hydrant landmark that stands at the opening of the dog park that is located on the beach. You get two-for-one here! The dog beach and park are open all day, year-round and permit your dog to be on the beach AND in the water.

Some restrictions include no treats or food on the beach, no dogs on the boardwalk and dogs must be in their appropriate section within the park according to their size.

The dog beach itself is located on 3000 Boardwalk between Glenwood and Maple Ave. Water, waste disposal, treats, and activities are available within the fenced dog park that is broken up into two sections for small breed and large breed dogs. Both sections provide different attractions and games as well as a gazebo for some shade. While inside the dog park, dogs can be off leash; however they must be leashed while on the beach.

This is the beach that covers both land and sea adventures for your pup!


"This place is great!"

“Look mom I did it!”


8th Ave Dog Beach: Asbury, NJ


Asbury beach provides so much versatility and fun for both hoomans and dogs. It really is a beach town that fully welcomes man and man’s best friend. The best access to the beach is through Ocean Ave and Deal Lake Rd.

A bonus… free parking at Fisherman’s Lot!

From the dates of September 16th through May 15th dogs are allowed on the boardwalk and the dog beach all day. During the summer season dogs are allowed on the beach only between the hours of 6:00 pm and 8:30 am. Only licensed, non-aggressive dogs with adult supervision are permitted on the dog beach.

The town itself has many dog-friendly drinking and dining options, most bars and restaurants are lined with doggy bowls so hooman and dog can dine together! Specifically The Wonder Bar hosts “Yappy Hour” for small dogs only on Mondays 4 pm – 7 pm; all sized dogs Thursdays – Fridays from 4 pm – 7 pm; and all sized dogs Friday – Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm. There is an entrance fee of $5 on Friday – Sunday; proceeds go to the Asbury Boardwalk Rescue and other local rescues.

For those shy and overly zealous dogs, there is a fenced-in area where dogs and their owners can spend time getting comfortable with Yappy Hour and also serve as a “time out” for dogs that need to cool down. There is an agility area and a swimming pool for dogs as well.

Asbury is the full “all-inclusive” package for those dog parents looking to treat their pooch to a full day of non-stop fun.


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“It’s Yappy Hour somewhere!”


Longport Dog Beach: Egg Harbor, NJ


If you’re looking for a beach where there aren’t any restrictions for your best friend look no further! Longport Dog Beach is as straightforward as it gets. It’s purely a beach for dogs! Hoomans can partake in the fun, of course, swimming and being allowed on the beach at any hour with their pup. The dogs don’t discriminate!

This is an off-leash beach where dogs of all breeds and sizes can enjoy the sand and water. There are no summertime restrictions and parking is free. We will like to mention there is no freshwater, trash cans or waste disposal items available on the beach so be ready to come prepared with supplies.

For those looking to let your dog run free, this is the place for you!


Vienna | Longport Dog Beach, New Jersey

“This sand is a great exfoliator for my paws!”


Sunset Beach: Cape May, NJ


This is the place you want to be if your dog enjoys a mellow but just as exciting beach day. Sunset Beach opens its doors to all dogs, literally! ALL the shops in this town are pet-friendly year round. The Grille, a local eatery, has a lower deck for dining that is available for humans and pets alike.

For beach adventures, dogs are only permitted on the beach from September 16th – March 30th and must be leashed. While the beach does have its limitations this is a great option for those who want to enjoy a change of scenery in a relaxed atmosphere where their pet is welcomed at any business in town.


Emerson Sunsets

“Well why dontcha look at that, a beautiful sunset.”


Prospect Park and Dog Beach: Brooklyn, NY


We decided to throw in an out-of-state beach you and your dog are sure to love. Since traveling is the theme of “vacations” and we have the pleasure of living in the tri-state area, we’re not just limited to what the Jersey shore has to offer. Prospect Park and Dog Beach is what the name depicts, a park and a beach for dogs! While the beach closes for off-season the park is open year round with off-leash hours being from 5 am – 9 am and 9 pm – 1 am. Perfect for those early risers and night owls!

At the beach, dogs must be leashed except during off-leash hours. There are three sections to the park: Long Meadow, Neathermead and Peninsula Meadows. Dogs are also allowed in the lake adjacent to the Peninsula Meadows during off-leash hours.

Keep in mind New York State law requires that dogs are vaccinated against rabies and the New York City Health Code requires every dog owner carry with them proof of current dog license and rabies vaccination while in public.

The best part about Prospect Park and Beach is you’re in the city and can continue the fun all day and night long!


Dog Beach in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

“Nothing like a dip in the water to cool down.”


Whether it’s a day trip or a staycation by the shore, the options to make a memorable summer with your family, pet included, are infinite. We have the wonderful benefit of living in a state that provides a plethora of beaches we can visit at any time without the need to board a plane. Treat yourself and your pooch to some fun in the sun at one (or all!) of these top-rated dog beaches this summer!