Appointment for One, Please!

Think of the last time you got a massage. How did you feel afterward? Perhaps relaxed, stress-free, less tense, renewed?


Human and animal anatomy and physiology varies but we have the same fundamental structures and functions, one of them being muscles. Muscles make up the bulk of an animal’s body. They are extremely important in allowing the animal to move and protect vital organs. Also, they give them the structural support they need to carry out basic and daily activities.

Dogs especially activate their muscles everyday between runs, playtime or usual shenanigans they get into. For older and less active dogs the wear and tear of their younger years and natural process of aging or sedentariness can mean arthritis, stiff joints or muscle atrophy.



“..natural process of aging…can mean arthritis.”

So for those fur baby parents looking for holistic, out-of-the-box thinking and fun alternatives to give your pup some TLC this is for you!


  1. Relaxation – reduce emotional stressors, anxieties and traumas. Promote bonding, communication and further trust in your relationship with your dog.
  2. Ease effects of aging – Manage pain, improve range of motion, maintain joint and muscle health, increase flexibility, oxygenation of the blood, reduce arthritis, weakness and soreness discomfort.
  3. Aid in the healing process – accelerate cell regeneration after an injury, provide at-home physical therapy, assist in post-surgery healing.
  4. Weekly wellness checks – detect problems early on, assess any changes in your dog’s body and health and discover lumps, bumps, sores or tender spots.
As always it’s great to discuss your animal’s care with their veterinarian and/or a professional masseuse…

Often times massage therapy is overlooked because it looks more like pampering rather than a health treatment. But massage is not glorified petting – it is intentional touch with the purpose of healing and promoting homeostasis. Massage affects all systems of the body in an effort to increase wellness and restore balance whether that is physical, psychological or emotional.


Click the video below to see one of our specialist giving Tess a soothing rub down!

IMG_1101 (1)

Tess engulfed in her rub down!

Have you ever wondered why after getting a massage the masseuse advises drinking plenty of water?


That is because of the way massages aid in the circulation of fluids and flush toxins from the tissues. Same goes for dogs! It cleanses their lymphatic system, circulates blood and increases spinal and synovial fluid which results in lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health.

Psychologically, studies show that massages reduce production of stress hormones and release neurotransmitters such as endorphins. With such well-rounded benefits, you might be asking yourself, “Why hadn’t I started sooner!?”


Click the video below to see one of our specialist giving Jade a paw refresher!


Nothing like a good massage to refresh those tired paws!


The great thing about dog massages are that you have two options. First, the option of learning techniques and tips to do them yourself. Or, contacting skilled professionals who can assist or guide you in how to take full advantage of this holistic form of care. As always it’s great to discuss your animal’s care with their veterinarian and/or a professional masseuse therapist before moving forward.


֍ Did you know: Owner Lauren Molina is certified in dog massage and at the start of forming her company offered dog massage as a service? 

Should she bring back dog massage services?

Let us know below!