Who said New Year’s Resolutions were just limited to us humans? Animals have desires and goals just like we do. Perhaps their goals are simpler than ours, maybe finally discovering where their treats are kept or finally reaching that one spot they can’t quite scratch. Regardless of how big or small the resolution, it’s always important to look forward and want to better situations and/or yourself. With the closing of this year, reflect and set goals for yourself and the best friend who is always by your side.


Here are 8 New Year’s Resolutions you can help your furry baby achieve!


1. New diet

More and more people are becoming health conscious not only for the health benefits but also for the benefit of our planet. Include your pup in the mix! Switch up their diets; choose different brands, different textures and tastes. Give them the option of choices. Some may be more fickle than others when it comes to trying different foods but just like the old-time saying, “You won’t know if you like it if you don’t try it.” Want to go an extra step further? Make their food yourself! Next time you’re cutting up chicken for dinner cut up an extra one and mix in some veggies and quinoa. Make extra and freeze in Tupperware for the next few nights; a perfect homemade dinner for you and your pup and one of our new year’s resolutions most easy to stick to!

2. Timely Check-Ups

Life happens, we get busy and we try to keep everything up-to-date, but more than one fur baby parent will admit to being late here and there with check-ups and routine visits. Any doctor will say it’s important to make those annual visits just to be sure everything is up to par and functioning well. As parents we understand keeping up with vaccines, routine physicals and office calls for those sick days are a vital part of keeping our pet healthy. This new year make it a point to be on time in making those appointments and being up-to-date on any vaccines or necessary check-ups for which your pet is due. This is one of those new year’s resolutions you can use for both yourself and your pet!

3. Pet Fund

Any parent, fur or no fur, will tell you that things can get expensive. It is a commitment being a parent not only in the time department but also in the financial one. So start a pet fund this year for your best friend! Outside of the usual expenses of food and vet visits it’s nice to spoil your pet with toys and treats. Having a pet fund for them eliminates having to dip into their everyday expenses and gives you the flexibility of surprising them with new blankets, clothes, toys and treats. One of our favorite rainy day fund websites is SmartyPig! There are no hidden fees for withdrawals, so you can set up a fund and tap into it whenever you need.

4. New Friend and Sibling

Sometimes it’s true as the song, “One is the loneliest number…” The reality is we all work, whether it is away from home or at home, whether it is for a company or for ourselves or simply for your family as a homemaker. We have daily responsibilities that pull our attention left and right. Animals are very simple and they find happiness from the smallest things but they also get bored and unfortunately we’re not always around. Make a decision this year to consider adopting; giving your best friend the gift of company and another animal the gift of a family. If perhaps adopting is not something you can fully commit to, consider fostering an animal until their forever home is found. Your pet will be grateful for the forever friend they make. Check out Eleventh Hour Rescue and S.O.S. Pets for some local pets who need homes.

5. New friend 2.0

As mentioned, we’re not always around and our pets have needs not only for companionship but also necessities. Maybe if having a new sibling or live-in friend really isn’t an option why not have one that can come and go? Animal care services are booming! Check out the services Canine Concierge offers. From playtime to dog walking, feedings, drop-in visits, boarding even sleepovers, your pet is taken care of and in the best hands. Hands of those who understand how important their well-being and care is to you. Not only are you giving your fur baby the company and attention they deserve but you’re also giving yourself peace of mind. 2 in 1, can’t get any better than that!

new friend and sibling

Photo by: s k

6. Quality time

An animal finds happiness in the simplest of things. They don’t care if you buy them gifts or spoil them with the tastiest food around. Sure, they won’t turn down a nice juicy steak but really what they want most is to spend time with you. The best thing you can give them is quality time. #6 of our list of 8 new year’s resolutions has them participating in your routine. Going out for a run before work? Bring your dog along! Grabbing brunch Sunday? Invite your dog as your date at a pet-friendly spot! Designate 15 minutes of undivided attention to them during the day. It is the simple things you can do to include them that mean the world to them.

7. Plan An Adventure

Who says vacations are just for people! Everyone always looks forward to planning a getaway or staycation, so this year plan it with your pet in mind. Next on our list of new year’s resolutions: come up with an itinerary that you and your dog will love. Giving yourself a break but also including your pet is important. Experience things together and take in new sights. A new year calls for new memories!

8. New Activity

Our final idea on our list of new year’s resolutions: a new year calls for new things so how about a new hobby? Just like we enjoy learning and doing new things so does your dog. Anything ranging from learning new tricks, setting up play dates or finding new hiking spots to hit will have you and your best friend entertained. What dog is not a foodie? Make it a tradition to check out new local pet-friendly spots every month or so. The ideas are endless!


However big or small your goals, desires, and new year’s resolutions are, make sure above all to keep your loyal friend within them! The best gifts they give are their unconditional love and companionship year after year so give them your best year and best self in return.


Photo by: Lucas lima 91

Have more New Year’s resolutions to add? Comment below! From everyone here at Canine Concierge, Happy New Year!