Any furbaby parent will be the first to admit their little bundle of fur is at the top of their Christmas list. Dog-themed Christmas gits are rather easy to come across because dogs are just that: easy and laid back. A dog would be more than happy with a new tasty bone, maybe a new plush bed or a shiny new ball. But what of those who are a little more difficult? Finding the perfect unique cat-themed Christmas gifts may prove to be more difficult.  It will take more thought and maybe even a  game plan! Cats certainly have adapted a stigma for being more independent than dogs but also more fickle.


The holidays are coming, so make this year different! With Black Friday having just hit, it is time to take advantage of those sales and discounts!


For all you feline lovers and parents who perhaps are stuck on what cool, creative and unique gifts you can get your sidekick, here is a list of seven unique cat-themed Christmas gifts under $50. Happy hunting!


#1 KONG Zoomgroom

KONG is a well-recognized and popular brand among the animal owner community. Ranging from toys to personal care they have it all! Speaking of personal care, cats are well known for being very hygienic. They’re not licking themselves because they’re bored, they want to look good! So why not help your little lion out. The Zoomgroom helps remove loose hair and stimulate natural oil production for those nice shiny coats and healthy skin. On top of that, you’d be giving one heck of a massage! Everyone wins here.

#2 Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

Continuing on with the grooming kick, what happens if you’re not home? Who’s going to take care of the lion’s mane? Well, they can do it themselves! It was mentioned that cats are independent. The Catit Self Groomer gives your feline the accessibility of constant grooming. It’s no secret cats love to be brushed but unfortunately, we can’t sit for hours doing it. Catit Self Groomer includes a durable brush AND a catnip compartment. With adhesive strips just choose your corner to stick it on and your kitty will do the rest.

#3 The Original Scratch Lounge

Still looking for unique cat-themed Christmas gifts? Did someone say catnip? Well, that is what this next item includes! The Original Scratch Lounge is a dense 3-sided honeycomb padded cat scratcher. It is reversible, 100% recyclable and made from no harmful materials. It is the perfect spot for a cat nap and for those play times just sprinkle some of the complementary catnip that comes with each of these and watch your furball transform.

#4 OurPets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy

Just like dogs, cats need lots of stimulation. While dogs are more physical in play, cats need the same exercise mentally. Even housetrained cats never lose that natural instinct of hunting and it’s important to make sure they fulfill that need. The Play-N-Squeak Cat Toy features a realistic squeaking bird noise to appeal to your little hunter’s instinct. The toys themselves are made with catnip inside so your kitty gets a little extra kick without the mess. Choose from a wide variety of styles ranging from birds to squirrels. This is a great little toy that’ll keep your cat mentally stimulated, healthy via exercise through play, and fulfill their hunting instincts.

christmas cats 2

Photo By: K-nekoTR

#5 PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Dog and Cat Water Fountain 128 oz.

Ever seen a cat jump up on the counter and start drinking from the faucet when there’s a water bowl available? This is because cats associate running water with life; the theory goes that before cats became domesticated, they had to find their own fresh water and often times rivers were their means of survival. The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 will certainly take your feline back to those days. Its large capacity is great for multiple animals of all sizes. Your cat has the option of 1-5 changeable streams and great tasting water since an activated carbon water filter is included. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

#6 Cat Subscription Box

As fickle as some cats can be, it’s good to surprise them here and there. A monthly subscription box is a great way to introduce your kitty to different treats and toys. Subscription boxes are booming! It’s a great little service that allows clients the flexibility to customize the type of box they’d like to receive monthly and depending on the company many personalize the box based on your pet. Meowbox, Chewy and Kitnip Box are a few of the well-known ones out there. The best part is you can cancel the service at any time if your kitty is getting too spoiled or perhaps you want to try a different company.

#7 Cat Sitting and Pet Care Services

Sometimes the greatest gift is not materialistic, but simply having company. Cats are very independent creatures but they need just as much love and attention as the next furball. Registering for pet care services is an amazing way to ensure that your baby is taken care of by professionals who understand your love and the importance of your pet’s well-being. From drop-in visits to overnight stays, the services are personalized based on YOUR needs. You control the day, the time and the type of visit. Some companies such as Canine Concierge even provide text or email reports from your sitter of your pet’s day. Photo included! What better way to say “I’m thinking of you” than to gift your feline with their own personal sitter and soon-to-be friend!


At the end of the day, your cat doesn’t love you for what you can give them or whether you’re being lavish with materialistic things. But being able to give them something solely unique just like they are is a great little token for all the unconditional love and company they give year after year- especially this time of year. A pet might only be here for a part of your life, but to them, you are their whole life. Make it a memorable one with one of these unique cat-themed Christmas gifts!

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Photo By: Sarah Richter

Have some more ideas for unique cat-themed Christmas gifts? Suggestions and comments welcomed below!