Thanksgiving! That time of year is drawing near when relatives flock in and the kitchen is fully stocked. It is the time of year we reflect and look back at all we have and those who have given us unconditional love and support. Our furry friends make up that bunch! They are with us through thick and thin, but what happens during these busy and sometimes hectic holiday dinners? They get crated or separated in another room to avoid those wet noses on your guest’s laps once the main course rolls out.


So in return for their loyal companionship and love, include them in your Thanksgiving festivities; not as your pet, but as your guest!


As pet parents, is it easy to cave once we see those big chocolate chip eyes staring up at us saying, “Give me the chicken, hooman.” But during the holidays it is especially important not to cave and let your pet eat from your plate. Aside from food poisoning or allergies, we tend to cook fattier and richer foods during this time and that can certainly mean health complications for your best friend. So what’s a fur-baby parent to do, you ask? Create an a la carte menu for your pet!


Here is a four-course, limited ingredient Thanksgiving menu to include your pets in the festivities.

thanksgiving menu for your dog

Photo by: Georgie Pauwels



A lil’ bubbly, or in this case creamy! Blend together ½ can of pumpkin puree and ½ can of vanilla non-fat yogurt. Blend until smooth and pour into paper cups. Pumpkin is packed with fiber, so not only is your cocktail tasty, it’s also healthy. Any leftovers? No problem! Throw them in the freezer for a midnight snack.


To get your pet’s palette ready, you’re going to need baby carrots, sliced apples, celery and natural creamy peanut butter. Spread a dollop of peanut butter onto the veggies and fruits and arrange them into different assortments so you give your furry friend(s) options. You could even make these the night before and they’ll stay fresh for the following evening.


The main course, finally! Once your turkey for your human guests comes out of the oven, cut a few slivers of white meat. Mix the turkey with chopped carrots and throw into a blender. Add cooked quinoa and blend until everything is mixed. Roll the mixture into ½ inch balls if your pet is small or 1 inch balls if your pet is larger and place on a non-stick pan. Bake for 15 minutes in your already preheated oven at 400°. Voila! A hearty healthy meal for your pet to eat alongside you!


Save the best for last, they say. To bring this Thanksgiving meal home, you’re going to need 1 large cooked sweet potato, 1 banana, ½ cup of quinoa flour and ½ tablespoon of coconut oil. Bring down the oven to 350° and in a bowl mix the sweet potato and banana until blended. Add the coconut oil and gradually mix in the quinoa flour. Place about a teaspoon of dough on a non-stick pan and flatten lightly. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool before presenting them to your furry friend(s). The sweet without the sugar!

Nothing brings you closer than sharing a meal with loved ones, whether it’s the ones that walk on two legs or those that walk on four. Why not have your guests bring along their pets for an added bonus? Create your dream holiday this season, man’s best friend included.  If it is not an option to have your dog with you this Thanksgiving, boarding your dog at the home of a licensed pet care professional is the next best thing

dog dinner

Photo by: Trevor Wintle

Have tasty recipes to add? Ideas to make this Thanksgiving better than last year? Share your thoughts and comments below!