One of the biggest perks of living in New Jersey (other than Taylor ham) is the scenery. We are known as the Garden State for a reason!

With the end of October and colder weather drawing near, now is the opportunity to grab your furry friend and embark on an adventure.

New Jersey is home to some of the greatest trails, lush fields, fecund woods and beautiful views.

Here are our picks for 5 of the top Northern New Jersey hikes for you and your best friend.

Pack some snacks, bottled water, doggy treats and few tennis balls. Enjoy these Northern New Jersey hikes with your best friend!



Unfortunately no, the cascade is a not frothy pool of milk but it is a lovely trail that leads to a mini waterfall in the center of the woods. Located at the edge of Mendham NJ, Buttermilk Falls Natural Area is a moderate trail approximately 2 miles long. There are numerous trails to hike down, a swimming hole to take a dip in and even historic sites like the Lewis Mine.



This trail is for those that are up for a challenge. With an elevation of 935 feet, you are in for some views! Point Mt. is a 3-mile hike up a steep rocky incline that brings you to an overlook panorama of the nearby farmlands and valleys of Lebanon Township. An added bonus, right below is the Musconetcong River which houses some of the best trout in the state for your inner wolf.

point mountain hikes

 Photo by: Katherine Lopez

 Photo by: Katherine Lopez


If you thought the last elevation had a wow factor you will be even more impressed to learn Wildcat Ridge stands at 1,029 feet high! If you decide to venture here with your pup during migration season, you two may be in for a show of a plethora of different species of raptors that travel through the flyway. On clear days you can even see the Empire State Building steeple. If that is not enough to peak your interest, this trail also houses the largest bat cave in NJ.


This beautiful park is for those looking for a relaxed, easy walk with their fur-baby. Hacklebarney offers not only the Black River but waterfalls, options of short and long trails that combine into other nearby trails, picnicking and restrooms. It is a comfort trail so it is busy year round. This is a great spot for a dog that loves to socialize!

black river hikes

Photo by: Jim Lukach

Photo by: Jim Lukach

PATRIOT’S PATH, East Hanover Twp., NJ

Thrill seekers join together! About 35 miles of multiple terrains and area, Patriot’s Path will not disappoint. The best thing about this trail is that it links with so many others. That is why having a map handy with this one is very much advised. There are lots of nooks and crannies, so getting lost is a possibility. But that is an adventure within itself, right?!


Gear up, possibly consider investing in some doggy boots for your pal or gal and take lots of pictures to remember the amazing sights you are sure to see on your Northern New Jersey hikes. Who better to share it with than with your best friend?

lab hiking


Photo by: Dave H
Heard of even cooler places to explore? Have a great adventure story to tell? Share below!

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