Fall is a great time of year for everyone. Brisk weather perfect for walks, cozy blankets for snuggles, and the start of festivities with the first being Halloween. As fur-baby parents, the part we look forward to the most is the chance to dress up our furry companions in costumes. Therefore, why not go a step further and throw a Halloween dog party for your canine and their best friends?

Whip out the decorations, get baking and start your journey to host the best Halloween dog party of all time with these seven simple steps.


#1. A Halloween dog party is not complete without guests

Be creative with your invitations; this is the first impression your guests will have. Create your own online or stick to traditional paper invitations.  You don’t need to spend big bucks because funny and cute ideas are easy to come up with (especially with online inspiration) and they set a great tone for a totally howling Halloween dog party!


#2. Create the perfect setting

Pinterest fans unite! This is your chance to dabble in all the DIY decorations you want. Creating an ambiance for your canine guests is very important to ensure they have a great time safely. Provide dim lighting, make sure balloons are placed out of reach, and most of all, get crafty. Dog Halloween parties are the perfect chance to showcase your creativity!


#3. Full house, big appetites

Since it is pumpkin season, pumpkin-infused treats are a great way to go. Not only is pumpkin packed with fiber, it’s also healthy for your furry friends. Furthermore, Greek yogurt and apples make perfect additions for variety to your homemade treats. Frozen cubes of chicken broth make a great “cocktail” option for your Halloween happy hour.


#4. Release the hounds

Plan activities that engage your guests. Set up a runway where they can strut their best looks and crown the winner with the best costume! Or create your own “spooky” agility course! In addition, give prizes like gift cards or treats to the best overall winner. Then, take your Halloween dog party to the streets: plan a trick-or-treat walk hitting local shops around town.

#5. A memento for the night

Send everyone home with a little piece of the evening. Put together “doggy bags” of goodies and toys. Set up a Selfie Station to snap pictures of your guests that you can later send as thank you notes for attending your soiree.


#6. A perfect costume for your friend

Creating a costume for your canine is easy and costs less than you think! With so many ideas out there, it seems like your only dilemma will be deciding which one to pick! Create your own from scratch or go to your local pet / Halloween store to make sure your best friend looks his or her best.


To conclude your extravaganza:

#7. Capture the memories

Finally, make sure to capture the Instagram-worthy moments you are sure to have while hosting this Howl-o-ween bash. It’ll be one to remember!


Any tips to ensure an even safer and exciting night for all? Costume ideas? We’d love to see them! Please share your thoughts below.