I would like to introduce our new and improved dog run!  After nine years of use, plus multiple “makeovers” (planting grass seed, installing drains–3 times, and river rocks–twice) it was time for a major overhaul.  We enlisted the help of a fellow client who owns a synthetic turf company to turn our rocky, barren lawn into a lush, green and inviting area for all of our canine house guests.

But isn’t artificial grass full of lead and chemicals and dangerous for pets?

Not so anymore! The synthetic grass that is sold today is environmentally-friendly, pet- and human-safe and completely non-toxic.  There are zero detectable traces of lead in the product.  There are so many benefits to having turf in our dog run.  I can’t wait to show you in person the next time your pet stays over! Here are some of the wonderful benefits that your dog will enjoy during his or her stay:

Pets Stay Clean

Muddy paws are a thing of the past! Whatever the weather throws at us, the turf will keep dirt and mud off of our guests’ paws. No standing water means your dog can go back to playing outside in a mud-free environment right after the rain stops.

Pest Free Environment

Synthetic turf is no home for fleas and ticks…or any other pest that may lurk in grass and shrubs.


Turf is much more sanitary than real grass.  The backing has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.  It is resistant to bacterial growth and the filler controls odor.  The system drains up to 30” of water in an hour.  It drains urine away more effectively than grass and dirt.  This high-flow drainage system is what makes it so hygienic.

Safe and Comfortable for Play

We all know dogs like to roughhouse and run fast.  Dogs can get injured when playing or running on uneven surfaces.  The turf is much more even than our old hardscape and the in-fill adds an extra layer of cushioning as well.  The filler is made of a 100% organic and environmentally-safe material (made of natural volcano ash).  The filler also works to keep the grass cool even on hot summer days.  The turf even feels softer on paws than real grass and dirt.  Dogs do not treat the turf any differently than they would real grass (except they cannot dig through it).

Going Green and Staying Green

No more yellow and brown spots in the yard.  So long dead grass! We are going green year-round (except maybe December through February).

Now, all we need are some cool decorations; maybe a fire hydrant, a dog house and a swimming pool for the summer.  We hope your dogs will come by soon to try it out!

For more information on getting synthetic turf installed in your yard, please contact Paula Korinko at 973-796-7166 or pkorinko@synlawn.com.  Visit http://www.synlawn.com for more information.

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